Participate in GNEMSDC Corporate Member Industry Groups

Jul 8, 2021

During the past year, our corporate members experienced challenges in forming connections due to the significant impact of COVID-19. This identified need inspired the Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council (GNEMSDC) to develop Corporate Member Industry Groups in January 2021, offering a space for our corporate members to connect virtually.

Before COVID-19, our corporate members connected virtually or in-person at quarterly Corporate Roundtables, which provided opportunities for corporate members to:

  • Analyze supplier diversity trends
  • Discuss best practices
  • Network with other corporate members

Corporate Member Industry Groups

Although smaller in size, Corporate Member Industry Groups developed from our larger, quarterly Corporate Roundtables. Corporate Member Industry Groups provide an additional and more frequent opportunity for corporate members to assess industry-specific:

  • Best practices
  • Challenges
  • Trends

The GNEMSDC currently has five (5) Corporate Member Industry Groups:

  • Biotech/Pharma/Medical Devices
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Retail & Commerce

Join Corporate Member Industry Groups

Participating in Corporate Member Industry Groups helps corporate members identify creative approaches to support our certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs). These collaborative and targeted conversations also empower corporate members to develop strategies to increase their diverse supplier base. Additionally, corporate members can network with their industry peers to explore methods to improve their supplier diversity programs and initiatives to positively impact the socioeconomic outcomes of MBEs.

Corporate Member Industry Groups are led by individual corporate members or co-leaders who facilitate meetings, set agendas, and share information with the group members. All Corporate Member Industry Group meetings are 100% virtual, and each group determines its schedule. Most groups meet bi-monthly or quarterly as determined by the members. Each group operates independently, and GNEMSDC supports the groups by providing scheduling assistance and access to technology platforms.

GNEMSDC corporate members may join more than one Corporate Member Industry Group, if appropriate. We invite you to review the current Corporate Member Industry Groups listed above and participate in groups that best match your industry sector(s).

Corporate members are also invited to submit suggestions for new Corporate Member Industry Groups. With enough interest from your industry colleagues, new industry groups can be created. Start by designating a volunteer to serve as the Industry Group Leader, and email Joanne Wang, GNEMSDC’s Director of Corporate Services, to launch your new group!

 Benefits of Joining a Corporate Member Industry Group:

Joining Corporate Member Industry Groups allows you to take advantage of designated opportunities to:

  • Connect with and meet other corporate members in your industry
  • Share your organization’s supplier diversity insights and accomplishments
  • Identify innovative strategies to improve existing supplier diversity efforts

GNEMSDC is committed to assisting our corporate members with developing relationships with each other and establishing avenues to support our MBEs. We invite you to join your industry colleagues at their next Corporate Member Industry Group meeting.

Not a GNEMSDC corporate member? Visit our website to become a member today. Members, email Joanne Wang, GNEMSDC’s Director of Corporate Services, to learn more about Corporate Member Industry Groups and join today!