Certifying your business with the Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council (“GNEMSDC”) provides you with valuable resources, information and connections that can help your business prosper and grow. GNEMSDC offers a number of excellent programs and various formal and informal events for MBEs to learn about local opportunities for additional revenue, learn about ways to improve and grow their business, expand their professional network and meet with corporate buyers and larger MBEs who are interested in buying goods and services from qualified MBEs. MBEs associated with GNEMSDC can benefit immensely from being certified with the largest national organization whose certification is recognized uniformly by corporate America.

Becoming certified opens the door to a myriad of opportunities for timely information on opportunities, one on one consulting, training programs and targeted connections, all of which are extremely valuable in a very competitive global market place. As part of the Certification Process, GNEMSDC conducts an extensive business review of new and existing MBEs. This review is designed to insure compliance with the NMSDC member standards for certified minority business status. Certification by the GNEMSDC is honored nationwide and recognized by major U.S. corporations, public agencies and non-profit organizations.

Certification Process

Applying for MBE Certification at GNEMSDC is very straight forward, and the steps are outlined below. Please note that the Certification process can take up to 90 days to complete following successful submission of the application.

Before submitting your application, please ensure all necessary documents have been uploaded. Incomplete applications will be withdrawn after 90 days of being submitted if no progress has been made after applicant being contacted.

  1. MBE Certification Applicants are encouraged to attend one of our MBE Pre-Certification webinars. These webinars are online based and cover the details of the MBE application process, benefits of the program and will help you decide if this program is the right one for your business. It is offered to you at no cost by the GNEMSDC staff.   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  2. Application. Once you attend the Pre-Certification webinar and are ready to start your MBE application, you must first request a login by creating a username and password. After you have successfully logged into your account, you may then begin an online certification application. You may take as long as necessary to complete the application, and if you are unable to complete it all at once, please click ‘save’ before exiting the portal and your information will be kept confidential and saved for your next session. Click Here To Start Your Application.
  3. Documentation. Gather all required documents and upload them to your application. Be sure all documents are in PDF format and that you have completed the entire application before submission.
    1. Expired Documentation is not accepted
    2. Documents in a foreign language must be translated (and notarized) into English
    3. Password protected documents will delay the reviewing process 
  4. Processing. After completing the application, a processing fee must be paid online via credit card in order for it to be submitted for review. (Please refer to the chart below for applicable processing fees).
  5. Site Visit. Once your application has been thoroughly reviewed, a site visit and interview with a GNEMSDC Certification Specialist will be scheduled.
  6. Committee Review. Wait for final approval from Committee Review. The Certification Committee meets monthly to review applications for MBE Certification. The Certification Committee must approve the application before it can be submitted to the Board for final approval.
  7. Board Review. The Board will review the Certification Committee’s recommendation and make the final decision. If the Board rejects the application, you may submit a letter of appeal. If approved, you will be notified by e-mail on how to obtain your MBE certificate.

MBE Certification Fees

Please note application fees are non-refundable.

*The Application Fee is only applicable to “new” certifications and does not apply to recertification or subscription applications. This fee is non-refundable.

For more information on MBE Services, contact Ramona Davis at rdavis@gnemsdc.org